Great Websites

Powerset: –

Powerset is another NLP based search engine just like True knowledge. The user types in particular question and the search engine tries to understand the relevancy of the question. Unlike True knowledge the result of the search is not a specific answer, instead the links are shown that are more relevant to the “answer of the question”. This company has been purchased by Microsoft in 1 million dollars.


Zoho is one of those websites of web 2.0 that is a threat to giants Google and Microsoft. The Zoho team is headed by a chennai guy named Sridhar Vembu. The Zoho team have made entire Office Suite Online and have come up with 17 softwares that can be used online. The basis of making a software online lies in the theories of Cloud computing. Zoho products are very much similar to Google products(expect their search products) but are much advanced and simple.

True Knowledge:

True Knowledge is a pioneer in a new class of Internet search technology that’s aimed at dramatically improving the experience of finding known facts on the Web.

It uses NLP(Natural Language Processing) to understand your question and will give you direct answer. Its not like google that just provides links and not the answers to your questions. To me its better than google.

Blinkx: –

Blinkx is the world’s largest and most advanced video search engine. Better than Youtube.

I am saying this because it searches as per the audio content and the text content both unlike youtube that just searches the text titles. Its all made by one Srilankan Guy. So, its really inspiring isn’t it?

37 signals

37 signals is a product based company that has made softwares for Project Collaboration. Their product features discussing over forums, making tasklist, knowing project status and other project collaboration features.

Plista: –

Plista is a product based software company. They make javascript widgets. When someone incorporates the widget in its website, it becomes a partner site of plista and the website is given cool features. These include having rating to each of the item(say shopping item or article on blog), showing the relevancy to the search, recommending other items/articles that are parallel. This helps to let you know whether the website content is relevant to your search and the worth of reading the website. It also makes interest groups through Doppleganger. I would seriously recommend you to view the slideshow on the plista website.


Go and see what is Information Experience. Tech Crunh winner 2010.


Quick Reference guide for the programmers of HTNL,CSS, JQuery, C++,C++ STL and more.

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