Ideas in my mind

Disclaimer: All of these ideas are original and anyone can copy it and make an app out of it. I would be please if you will appreciate me for it 🙂

Please let me know if they are already implemented.Thanks.

1. 3D Game on Mahabharata or Ramayana:

I feel there should be a game on the Epic Mahabharata which would be similar to Counter Strike like you could play on lan, various Kurukshetra maps etc. The creative part here would be that not every soldier will have the same kind of weapons, for instance Arjuna would be a archer, Duryodhana will have his Gada, Some will have  Sword and so on. Every1 will have some godly weapons like Arjuna will have some Divya-astra and sso on. Even more, we can make it like some participant becoming Krishna will always stay with arjuna and provide cheat codes. Krishna won’t have any weapon but will have cheat codes being exposed as random key strokes from the game program. The way we have in Counter strike as Counter Terrorist vs Terrorist, we will have it as Kaurvas vs Pandvas. So, I believe that even though i haven’t formuated the game perfectly, but the motive behind this is that people will come to know more about mahabharta and based on the cheat codes we can help gamers know stuff like “for killing bhishma you have to bring shikandi in front of hime” and some similar things. This way, I believe it could be formuated well.

A simple game could be built for Ramayana that would have something like different levels of fight against the soldiers of Ravan and then finally Ravan at the last level. We can portray the story of Ramayana in the back like it does in Prince of Persia or Max Payne. The story would be something like Ravana took away Sita, Hanuman burning the lanka and so on.

2. Facebook App for Opinion:

I believe you would some concern in your mind that you would want to know opinion from your friends. For instance if you should join a certain college or not Or would a certain tie suit your particular colored shirt. So what you may do is create such a question whose answer would be boolean(Yes or No). Your friends would answer Yes or No and your answer will be posted anonymous, so it would not be know if anyone gave a positive or a negative opinion. Well getting such a stats like 20 say the tie will suit and 19 say wont suit will help a user to make  a buying decision.

3. Browser Plugin to see relevant ads based on positive or negative opinions:

Well people keep expressing their opinions on their blogs or comment a review at certain place. The idea is that using NLP -Natural Language Processing any one can do a analysis on the text and know that if its a positive opinion or a negative opinion.So, for instance if any one comments on a certain blog or puts a review on  say something like this

“Avatar movies direction was really awesome. Its a must watch”.So by NLP our plug in can know that someone expressed a positive opinion on a movie. Hence, our plug in would now put a link besides the text which if user clicks would redirect him to buy the Avatar movies DVD or a ad of netflix where he could rent the movie.

“It seems scifi movies are boring. I should rather watch a horror movie tonight”. So by using NLP our plugin can know that someone expressed a negative opinion on a movie. You can now put a link on the side of the text which would redirect the user to buy alternative domain movie like a horror or something else. I know that the link wont be put out on the fly in an instant and would be visible to the user who was writing the comment but if any reader of that page (who would have installed this nice plugin of ours which gives relevant ads in the middle of text) would see the link to that.

4. Improving Search Results based on what links have you bookmarked:

I think that  there should be a app which should crawl inside the websites that you have bookmarked and hence any result that is inside the bookmark of the user should get a higher rank. Or atleast the user should be able to see the results that belong within his bookmarked links. So, think that if you have book marked an article of person talking about some solution to a trouble people face in a technology say “Hosting ASP.Net MVC app on server” so the article mentions its steps and you have bookmarked it.

So the next time you are searching on bing or google and if a search result comes up and if its a crawled webpage from your bookmark then it should be highlighted and given a higher rank.


Azure – Cool Explanation of Cloud Platform

Hello folks,

One of the important focus of MSFT is on the next generation cloud applications. Yes it was one of the important presentations in their PDC conference in 2k8(Professional Developer Conference).

The video is just an explanation about how a cloud app can save you from spending resource overloads and most important of all “money” :).

Hope this would make u familiar with what’s next in the web applications…


Did you try the Xobni | inboX ?

Well Xobni is one of its unique kinda name. Its the reverse of inbox.
Xobni is a plugin for outlook users. What is basically does is the analysis of the email conversations, files shared, time of sharing and other important parameters. The xobni sidebar appears in the right of your outlook inbox.
When you would click on an email conversation the sidebar shows up the xobni profile of the sender.
Besides the profile it gives you the stats of your incoming and outgoing emails.
The other features include directly pulling up the bunch of conversations and files from a particular sender, Extracting phone numbers from the email(well thats some kinda Natural Lang Processing…).

I am just waiting to have such a thing in Gmail or Hotmail or any other major email providers.

Bill gates personally presented the idea of xobni in some conference. I am pretty sure Microsoft is gonna buy this startup company by Adam Smith and Matt Brezina.

Want to know more about it,,,check the video.

Things around me—-Projects and Another Project

Hi my beloved readers, its been a while I haven’t addressed you. Apologies if you missed me 🙂 (i would be overwhelmed if I find even one ..hehe).

Bringing my stories in your account, life has been treating me busy these days.

There are few projects I am currently working on currently.

BEELINE – Talent Management Solutions

Firstly,let me give u a quick intro of this 2 billion dollar company. Beeline is a MPS Group company that makes intranet web application to for employee management. This includes Competency management, Applicant Tracking, Performance Management, Learning Management and Compensation management…..too many right ….yes its kinda sitting in Whitman school and learning about what Company Managers do. But trust me, management studies aren’t that boring.

Well for now I am working as a technical lead in their team  and we are asked to re-architect their entire software.We just finished up their first phase requirement of making a sleek user interface…I almost did the whole javascripting, used JQuery for drag drop features…was a life savior for me.

Next phase is to re engineer their existing system. Oh man, why do people make mistakes in their first attempt…never mind…I am there to help..fetches me money hehehe. Our team is now supposed to set up their server (no not on computer but an actual physical server) that will have more than 1100 tables which need to studied before we start. Also, me being a programmer I may have to go through their code [that will have 11 lakh lines of code with no documentation 😦 ]….ya thats true…feels like someone has grabbed the neck. We will then be incorporating some new features in their web app later (cant disclose …signed a confidentiality agreement :D).

Live Patriot- Helping US Army Veterans

Meet this guy called by name Daryl ….an enthusiastic persona having more than 5k followers on tweeter and he is a commander- Marine corp.

I respect the army men be it any 1. They are the real brave heroes. Just like my loving Jesus Christ who gave away his life for my sin, these brave soldiers give up their lives to protect their nation from external threats.

Well so, he being another money lover explained his idea  to me about making  money helping people find their answers from the experts on internet.  On this, my friend Santosh (lover of gave him a detailed 5 hour explanation of  an existing implementation of such a website called “stackoverflow”(its free though)  And there emerged this project of making a similar website(paid one for having premium services) for US Veterans who want to develop their business to help them find answers to their questions. These questions will primarily be of kind how to start ur business, growing your start ups, where to get funding from and so on.

He has also been a student in Whitman School of Management majoring in Marketing.

The meeting  of a visionary marine corp and ambitious Software/Web developers gave rise to this new start up.

We( me, Santosh and Ashish) are now developing this website in ASP.Net MVC. We have finished up the UI and its looks quite impressive work from Ashish and Santosh. I will now jump in to learn and assist them for carrying the project further. Its gonna be fun working with close friends in such a personally made start up.

Iraq and Back- Information Warehouse

Meet with Justin, he is true example of bravery. Read this page to understand his confidence. He is friend of daryll and he asked me if I can make some simple webpages that will display their information warehouse excel sheets. I said why not, its so easy isn’t it? Initially was waiting for their programmers to give me access to their development server. After a long time I got that and I got their code, realized they haven’t even used a framework. Ok, I won’t explain in this post why should you use a framework.  I used Code Igniter framework to things quickly done.

Made 2 webpages including Infowarehouse and Organization details in alphabetical order, made all the relevant settings in their server and uploaded the files. And here you go, it all worked fine for me.

I may get another project soon of developing an iPhone application for another startup. Sounds exciting right? Well to be honest I dont know anything about it so will have to learn the Android SDK framework probably. Will keep u upadated on how to make an iphone app if I happen to make one.

Please comment if you liked this post. Will come up with some new exciting news in the next post.



40 Unusual Websites you should Bookmark

Unique Websites

1. BugMeNot – instantly get disposable login details for any popular website that forces you to register.

2. DailyLit – read your favorite books by email (on your PC, mobile, etc.).

3. FranceRadio – neat MP3 Search Engine that lets you Find, Play and Download favorite MP3s for FREE.

4. Google SMS – provides mobile users with a quick access (via SMS) to a wide range of practical information and tools (i.e. business listings (pizzerias, shops, etc.), weather, movie listings, driving directions, currency converter and lots more.

5. Podlinez – listen to your favorite podcasts from any phone. Just enter the RSS feed URL for the desired podcast and get a free-toll number to access it from a phone.

6. RetailMeNot – locate fresh discount coupons for thousands of web merchants and services right from your browser toolbar. Video demo.

7. SoLow – on a daily basis SoLow auctions 4 different items (iPhones, HD Screens, etc.). Anyone with a mobile/PC can participate in the auctions by placing their bids via text-messaging. The user with the lowest unique bid wins the auction.

8. TeleFlip – auto-forward your emails to your cellphone as text messages. Video demo.

9. UrbanDictionary – hilarious (and practical) 100% user-maintained dictionary where users provide and vote on definitions for urban words (slangs).

10. Yak4Ever – make free international calls from US, UK and Ireland to 50+ countries.

=== Mobile – related ===

11. Bitbom – schedule free text message reminders to your phone. Schedule online or using mobile. (Similar PingMe.)

12. Flurry – follow up on your emails (send, receive) and receive latest articles from favorite blogs/websites on your mobile.

13. Foonz – place group calls and send messages to multiple people for free (from your mobile or any other phone).

14. GameJump – lots of free games for mobile phones.

15. GrandCentral – single phone number for all your phones and a web-based centralized voicemail system. (Similar: YouMailGotVoice)

16. IQzone – post your classified ad to a number of online and print classified networks directly from your mobile.

17. Jott – simple and convenient service for leaving yourself notes and ToDo reminders using your mobile.

18. Mosio – text any question from your mobile phone and shortly receive up-to 4 answers.

19. mShopper – instantly check up on the bargain deals for any product (or even order) right from your mobile phone. Video demo.

20. NoPhoneTrees – simple phone directory that lists direct human access numbers to support employees in hundreds of companies.

21. Nutsie – takes a copy of your iTunes library file and creates an online copy of your library. Access this library from PC or mobile phone.

22. Google SendToPhone – forward anything you find on the web (maps, address, text, etc.) to any mobile phone for free (US only).

23. Qipit – take quick document pictures and turn them into properly formatted PDFs. Save online, email, or fax documents right from mobile.

24. Soonr – handy application that lets you access your PC remotely using your mobile or any other PC (work, school, etc.). Video demo.

25. TelePixie – quickly schedule and receive daily (or one time) wake up phone calls, reminders, weather forecast calls, jokes, and more.

26. TellMe – free local directory service for business listings (Car Repair Shops, Pizzerias, Restaurants, etc.), maps, and directions.

27. PhoneZoo – convert your MP3s to custom-length ringtones and forward them to your phone. Plus 1000s of free ringtones from other users.

=== Other ===

28. BossBitching – fun and active community where people can bit*h about their bosses anonymously.

29. eSnailer – send free postal mail letters (to anywhere in the US) right from the desktop. From Canada? Check out EasyPost.

30. Yapta – get a refund (or credit) from the airlines on a purchased ticket in case its price drops.

31. ListenToaMovie – lets you ‘listen to a movie’, i.e. stream the audio part of various movies and some TV-shows.

32. OpenDNS – provides a safer, faster, smarter and more reliable way to navigate the Internet. More details + video demo.

33. PodioBooks – search, subscribe and browse through a variety of totally free audio books (100% legal).

34. PriceProtectr – tracks the price of items you bought online and notifies in case of price-drops, so you can request a refund.

35. RateMyDrawings – excellent place to draw, share your drawing creations, learn to draw, and watch other people drawing. Video demo

36. SwitchPlanet – cool and active marketplace where you can switch (or trade) used DVDs, CDs, Video Games and Books. Video demos.

37. Scribd– search, browse, rate, share various types of documents (jokes, facts, stories etc.). It’s like Youtube for text documents.

38. ViaTalk – make up-to 10 minutes long free phone calls to anywhere in the US and Canada. You don’t even need to sign-up.

39. VideoSift – popular Digg-like voting community for user-submitted videos.

40. Wordie – make lists of words (words you love, words you hate, or whatever) and share them with others.

SETH GODIN….Yahoo v/s Google and other marketing discussions @ Google

Seth Godin is a grad from Stanford, studied marketing in the MBA school @ stanford. He has had few ventures including Yoyodyne that had online games, contests,etc in 1995, later came Change This for spreading ideas through .pdf files, Squidoo in 2006 for users to create personalized webpages which he called lenses.

After he failed in all the three ventures, he wrote books on marketing namely Free Prize Inside, Purple Cow, etc. In the video he discusses why Yahoo became a failure and Google a sucess. He presented this at Google. He is one of the best known Marketing Gurus today and every year he gets 100’s of applications for an marketing internship at his house.