My Big Idea….

Hello Friends,

I wanted to share with my readers about somethings I believe are ideas that can earn any one big revenue. They are not all mine but I have from people who just happened to think about them but may not be in a process to implement them. Nonetheless, I don’t want the ideas to be left unadopted just coz the guy who though was not ready enough to implement it.

The idea is to build a website like for people for people who would be preparing for technical interviews. I know there already are websites like career cup who have great questions categorized by companies and topics. I still feel there needs to a place where a person would be able to real genuine content for answers to interview questions, be able to read about interview experiences, tips for the preparation and also be able to rate answers based on their may be algorithmic complexity, approach, simplicity and other parameters. Candidates would also want to know the salaries offered to people, training programs and other important information about the company. One may say that all of this stuff is already there, but my take is its unorganized, unreliable and there is no motivation for any1 to actually share answers to the interview questions.

If you would build a website having company profile with tabs for interview experiences, salaries, questions -filtered by category and tags, ratings for difficulty level on positions, etc. And if you would keep a motivation elements for readers to post questions, share approaches, rate answers, mark answers final by keeping a point mechanism and badges/caps… it would certainly grow big.

I also believe that you should have moderators to close any ambiguous questions, wrong answers and marking any particular answer the most correct.

I am 100% convinced for if the website is really developed properly, it would earn a lot of traffic and users.

Most importantly, it would help a lot of people to prepare for their interviews and settle in good companies. This would really be the best service one can offer and I likely that people would like to donate some amount once they land up in their dream companies.

I say that it would have a lot of traffic is because every student will

Please share your thoughts


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