Ideas in my mind

Disclaimer: All of these ideas are original and anyone can copy it and make an app out of it. I would be please if you will appreciate me for it šŸ™‚

Please let me know if they are already implemented.Thanks.

1. 3D Game on Mahabharata or Ramayana:

I feel there should be a game on the Epic Mahabharata which would be similar to Counter Strike like you could play on lan, various Kurukshetra maps etc. The creative part here would be that not every soldier will have the same kind of weapons, for instance Arjuna would be a archer, Duryodhana will have his Gada, Some will haveĀ  Sword and so on. Every1 will have some godly weapons like Arjuna will have some Divya-astra and sso on. Even more, we can make it like some participant becoming Krishna will always stay with arjuna and provide cheat codes. Krishna won’t have any weapon but will have cheat codes being exposed as random key strokes from the game program. The way we have in Counter strike as Counter Terrorist vs Terrorist, we will have it as Kaurvas vs Pandvas. So, I believe that even though i haven’t formuated the game perfectly, but the motive behind this is that people will come to know more about mahabharta and based on the cheat codes we can help gamers know stuff like “for killing bhishma you have to bring shikandi in front of hime” and some similar things. This way, I believe it could be formuated well.

A simple game could be built for Ramayana that would have something like different levels of fight against the soldiers of Ravan and then finally Ravan at the last level. We can portray the story of Ramayana in the back like it does in Prince of Persia or Max Payne. The story would be something like Ravana took away Sita, Hanuman burning the lanka and so on.

2. Facebook App for Opinion:

I believe you would some concern in your mind that you would want to know opinion from your friends. For instance if you should join a certain college or not Or would a certain tie suit your particular colored shirt. So what you may do is create such a question whose answer would be boolean(Yes or No). Your friends would answer Yes or No and your answer will be posted anonymous, so it would not be know if anyone gave a positive or a negative opinion. Well getting such a stats like 20 say the tie will suit and 19 say wont suit will help a user to makeĀ  a buying decision.

3. Browser Plugin to see relevant ads based on positive or negative opinions:

Well people keep expressing their opinions on their blogs or comment a review at certain place. The idea is that using NLP -Natural Language Processing any one can do a analysis on the text and know that if its a positive opinion or a negative opinion.So, for instance if any one comments on a certain blog or puts a review onĀ  say something like this

“Avatar movies direction was really awesome. Its a must watch”.So by NLP our plug in can know that someone expressed a positive opinion on a movie. Hence, our plug in would now put a link besides the text which if user clicks would redirect him to buy the Avatar movies DVD or a ad of netflix where he could rent the movie.

“It seems scifi movies are boring. I should rather watch a horror movie tonight”. So by using NLP our plugin can know that someone expressed a negative opinion on a movie. You can now put a link on the side of the text which would redirect the user to buy alternative domain movie like a horror or something else. I know that the link wont be put out on the fly in an instant and would be visible to the user who was writing the comment but if any reader of that page (who would have installed this nice plugin of ours which gives relevant ads in the middle of text) would see the link to that.

4. Improving Search Results based on what links have you bookmarked:

I think thatĀ  there should be a app which should crawl inside the websites that you have bookmarked and hence any result that is inside the bookmark of the user should get a higher rank. Or atleast the user should be able to see the results that belong within his bookmarked links. So, think that if you have book marked an article of person talking about some solution to a trouble people face in a technology say “Hosting ASP.Net MVC app on server” so the article mentions its steps and you have bookmarked it.

So the next time you are searching on bing or google and if a search result comes up and if its a crawled webpage from your bookmark then it should be highlighted and given a higher rank.


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  1. Wow, marvelous blog layout! How long have you been blogging for?

    you make blogging look easy. The overall look of your web site is great, let alone the content!


  2. It’s an awesome post for all the online people; they will get benefit from it I am sure.


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