Did you try the Xobni | inboX ?

Well Xobni is one of its unique kinda name. Its the reverse of inbox.
Xobni is a plugin for outlook users. What is basically does is the analysis of the email conversations, files shared, time of sharing and other important parameters. The xobni sidebar appears in the right of your outlook inbox.
When you would click on an email conversation the sidebar shows up the xobni profile of the sender.
Besides the profile it gives you the stats of your incoming and outgoing emails.
The other features include directly pulling up the bunch of conversations and files from a particular sender, Extracting phone numbers from the email(well thats some kinda Natural Lang Processing…).

I am just waiting to have such a thing in Gmail or Hotmail or any other major email providers.

Bill gates personally presented the idea of xobni in some conference. I am pretty sure Microsoft is gonna buy this startup company by Adam Smith and Matt Brezina.

Want to know more about it,,,check the video.


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  1. Posted by Chris on November 21, 2009 at 2:57 pm

    Did you try Lookeen?
    A small, but fast and reliable search tool, which searchs everywhere in Outlook, Exchange server, but also the whole desktop too!
    Perfect addition to Outlook, save you a lot of time, because it also searchs public folders and sharepoints!
    Interested? More here: http://www.lookeen.net


    • Posted by vintechs on November 21, 2009 at 4:06 pm

      Hey Chris,
      Lookeen is a very nice plugin. Truly saves a lot of time.
      I was just wondering if Microsoft Outlook Web Access has any such search enhancing plugin?

      thnks for sharing lookeen.


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