Things around me—-Projects and Another Project

Hi my beloved readers, its been a while I haven’t addressed you. Apologies if you missed me ūüôā (i would be overwhelmed if I find even one ..hehe).

Bringing my stories in your account, life has been treating me busy these days.

There are few projects I am currently working on currently.

BEELINE – Talent Management Solutions

Firstly,let me give u a quick intro of this 2 billion dollar company. Beeline is a MPS Group company that makes intranet web application to for employee management. This includes Competency management, Applicant Tracking, Performance Management, Learning Management and Compensation management…..too many right ….yes its kinda sitting in Whitman school and learning about what Company Managers do. But trust me, management studies aren’t that boring.

Well for now I am working as a technical lead in their team ¬†and we are asked to re-architect their entire software.We just finished up their first phase requirement of making a sleek user interface…I almost did the whole javascripting, used JQuery for drag drop features…was a life savior for me.

Next phase is to re engineer their existing system. Oh man, why do people make mistakes in their first attempt…never mind…I am there to help..fetches me money hehehe. Our team is now supposed to set up their server (no not on computer but an actual physical server) that will have more than 1100 tables which need to studied before we start. Also, me being a programmer I may have to go through their code [that will have 11 lakh lines of code with no documentation ūüė¶ ]….ya thats true…feels like someone has grabbed the neck. We will then be incorporating some new features in their web app later (cant disclose …signed a confidentiality agreement :D).

Live Patriot- Helping US Army Veterans

Meet this guy called by name Daryl ….an enthusiastic persona having more than 5k followers on tweeter and he is a commander- Marine corp.

I respect the army men be it any 1. They are the real brave heroes. Just like my loving Jesus Christ who gave away his life for my sin, these brave soldiers give up their lives to protect their nation from external threats.

Well so, he being another money lover explained his idea ¬†to me about making ¬†money helping people find their answers from the experts on internet. ¬†On this, my friend Santosh (lover of gave him a detailed 5 hour explanation of ¬†an existing implementation of such a website called “stackoverflow”(its free though) ¬†And there emerged this project of making a similar website(paid one for having premium services) for US Veterans who want to develop their business to help them find answers to their questions. These questions will primarily be of kind how to start ur business, growing your start ups, where to get funding from and so on.

He has also been a student in Whitman School of Management majoring in Marketing.

The meeting  of a visionary marine corp and ambitious Software/Web developers gave rise to this new start up.

We( me, Santosh and Ashish) are now developing this website in ASP.Net MVC. We have finished up the UI and its looks quite impressive work from Ashish and Santosh. I will now jump in to learn and assist them for carrying the project further. Its gonna be fun working with close friends in such a personally made start up.

Iraq and Back- Information Warehouse

Meet with Justin, he is true example of bravery. Read this page to understand his confidence. He is friend of daryll and he asked me if I can make some simple webpages that will display their information warehouse excel sheets. I said why not, its so easy isn’t it? Initially was waiting for their programmers to give me access to their development server. After a long time I got that and I got their code, realized they haven’t even used a framework. Ok, I won’t explain in this post why should you use a framework. ¬†I used Code Igniter framework to things quickly done.

Made 2 webpages including Infowarehouse and Organization details in alphabetical order, made all the relevant settings in their server and uploaded the files. And here you go, it all worked fine for me.

I may get another project soon of developing an iPhone application for another startup. Sounds exciting right? Well to be honest I dont know anything about it so will have to learn the Android SDK framework probably. Will keep u upadated on how to make an iphone app if I happen to make one.

Please comment if you liked this post. Will come up with some new exciting news in the next post.




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