A Day @ Brand-Yourself – Experiencing Start-Ups

Before you read further, I want you to think for a moment about your Online Reputation? Did you ever worry about it?
If not, then you really need to.
Today, Recruiters are looking at your online image and making opinions or should i say making decisions.

Yes, you should start worrying about it right away if you haven’t.
What do the recruiters usually check?
1. Google Search Rank
2. Your Blog Posts(Relevancy of your interests mentioned in your resume).
3.Linked,Facebook, MySpace profiles,etc. to see your online activities.
The action you should take is “BRAND-YOURSELF”…
I joined this company today as an intern. The company is lead by 4 dynamic individuals Pete(CEO),Evan(VP Sales), RJ(CTO) and Trace(Marketing). They presented me their company stats and their vision. I was amazed at their feat. They are all “Chilled out guys, innovative at work, love fun, work hard and party harder…”. So am I too. :-). I know I am a little Nerd.

So let me keep it small and simple that The Experience in a start up is GREAT. I say this because in a startup you are not considered as an employee since everyones success depends on the company’s success.Everyone has the same motive to work hard towards the product so that eventually the start-up gets Venture Capitalists Investing or bring some Angel Investors to their accountability.
Right one the first day of work I had an opportunity to learn about
SMARTY..Template Framework/Manager for PHP pages.
SQLyog for MySQL database handling.
XAMPP Its just a Framework with Apache,MySQL, PHP and Perl bundled together.(I personally use EasyPHP)

Other external cool websites….
Alexa Sparky =>Mozilla Plugin to see the website ranking on WWW.
usernamecheck.com=> Check if the username already exists on most popular social media websites.

In the coming summer period I would be working on their flagship part of the Product called
Hireability Grader to grade a user for “At what percentage is be hirable for a particular postion?”. I will have a great time.
Also, We are trying to help user to check their Online Visibility, Credibility, Niche Involvement and Digital Dirt.

Also, they mentioned I will be in the process of developing Recommendation Engine to recommend users what they should do to improve their online reputation or their ‘personal brand’; Thats like adding spice to my life.

Let the work commence…

Your are under Observation

Your are under Observation


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