The future of computing is coming soon when your computer desktop will no longer run on your local computer, but instead everyone will have their own personal web-based OS. A web-based operating systems means you can login into a web site online and access programs, files, and settings just as if you were on your own desktop.


With a web-based OS, you will find programs such as an Office suite to create and edit documents, an Internet browser, an instant messenger program, and lots more. However, all of this would be quite useless if it didn’t include some of the features that make Web 2.0 so popular. Using an online desktop allows you to access files from anywhere and share them with others instantly since the data is already uploaded!

FanBox is one of several companies that are venturing into the online web-based desktop OS market and they do a pretty good job of it! The interface of FanBox looks like your average desktop with icons, a taskbar and a desktop background. With FanBox, you can chat with all of your buddies from Yahoo, AIM, MSN, and Gtalk all at the same time.


FanBox also has a photo album application so users can upload their photos easily, access them from anywhere, and make them either public or private, depending on if they want to share them with others.

FanBox allows up to 2GB of storage, so it’s a great way to backup all of your data files from your local computer. It has a quick import function that will find all of your photos, documents, videos, and songs automatically and upload them to FanBox servers.
You can also install applications to enhance the default web-based OS from their collection of almost 10,000 applications. FanBox offers games, tools, and programs that you can add to the OS.
FanBox has a really nice interface with no ads or anything else to annoy you to death. As of right now, it does not let you customize the background, but hopefully that will be coming soon. It’s super easy to start using and very self-explanatory.
Overall, it’s a very simple virtual PC that is online rather than installed on your local PC. It’s also a good way to browse the web without worrying about spyware and viruses being installed on your computer. Definitely worth checking out. Enjoy!


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  1. You are such a phoney. Spambox is the worst. Who would ever have anything to do with this piece of shit company. All they do is spam and trick you into receiving shit on your phone.

    Spambox, Fuckbox, Sucksbox… all the same in my opinion.


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