Superb Prank

Are you in a mood to fool someone around? Are you in a mood to surprise someone, make him/her mad, make her feel like “This can never happen”. Then you are in the right arena of Techvins. Have you ever heard of This website asks you to write a petition in the form
“Peter, please answer the following question:” As soon as you press : it goes to the next Text Field where in you actually type the question. When you press “?” the Mr. Peter will answer
in a weird format like
“Dark thoughts are interuptting”
“Please concentrate”
“You are not ready” and so on…..
However, there is a prank residing beneath that you can play around with ur friends…….Let me describe in a bit step wise manner:

1. Hit the period operator”.”, you will notice that P automatically appears on the Petition TextBox.
2.Have your question pre-decided!!!
Since you know the question, now you can type in the answer after you had hit the period. You will notice that the answer doesn’t appears on the screen, instead the characters(“Peter please answer th…..) automatically appear. on the screen. The person sitting besides you is getting fooled as if you are actually typing in the question. Lol.
3.So after you have finished typing in your answer press the period operator again. This will make you come out of the “automatic typing mode”. From now on whatever you type from keyboard will be visible on the textbox.
4.Complete the remaining question as “Peter please answer the following question” entirely and then press “:”.
5. This switches to the next textbox. Now is the time to write the question whose answer you have already hidden from the user.
So suppose you have hidden the answer as name of the person sitting besides you. Now you can type the question as “Who is sitting next to me?” And as soon as u hit the “?” the answer (the name that you had hidden) will appear……
The person next to you will have his eyes open…Will keep on thinking how can computer know this….Thats impossible isn’t it. You can fool him/her with as many weird questions as you want. Just ask the relevant questions to the hidden answers in the back.
6. P.S: Unless you hide the answer the way i told you, it will keep giving u weird answers.

Isn’t it nice way to fool people…. heheee


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Rushabh on March 10, 2009 at 5:34 am

    Hey Vinay,
    This one is really amazing, and i enjoyed it a lot… thanks, i will make sure to use this prank on my friends


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