I heard to interesting research work going on in Aerodynamics today. One of the friend of my room mate is studying in Colorado University. He made a UAV(Unmanned Aerial Vehicles)in his first semester. Its a chest sized aircraft having many components to it. They include PIC (Programmable Interface Controller) which acts as a Auto pilot, Propellers, motors and other hardware components.
These UAC’s fly at an height of 40 meters. Isn’t that amazing that you make an aircraft by your own and then make it fly by throwing it in the air and the plane hovers automatically in the sky.
     The user has to input the destination coordinate in the UAC and then launch it(by throwing it in the air). The plane automatically traces its path to the destination and lands in a controlled manner.
The problem with this UAC is that it has a very short battery life. So needs to be re charged again and again. I guess it can fly continuously for half an hour :(.
     The guy explained his research work and asked my roomie to find some algorithm as to “How can we use these UAC’s to find a person that has been lost in some particular Geographical Area?”. I am currently thinking o f some decentralized algorithm of communication between these UAC’s.  I will be posting the research concepts in the next post. Till then enjoy yourself. I would appreciate if you post your comments or suggestions in the comments link below :). Thank you.
Enjoy 🙂


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